Week 9 & 10: The Sierras Part 2

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Out here, nothing is given, everything is earned. You want up that mountain or over the stream…make it happen. Carpe Diem. You have but one life. Live it to the fullest.

Week 8: The Sierras

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The first channel was shallow and no problem, but as we approached the middle of the main channel it became clear we had underestimated the crossing. The water was waist deep and while not raging, the current was strong enough to make Apoc take a seat.

Week 7: Farewell to the Desert, Hello to SLOWBO

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At times I’d bend to a 45 degree angle fighting the wind and using all my strength for each step. It took everything I had to keep from blowing off the mountain.

Weeks 5 & 6: Play Before Fear

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The most challenging part of this town was the other hikers. We’re about 8 days away from Kennedy Meadows and a fear has descended on the community. The upcoming water crossings will be brutal not only because they’ll require crossing freezing water from snow melt but also because they’re potentially deadly. They are not to be underestimated.

Week 4: Thirsty Detour

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I crawled into the Cajon Pass McDonald’s to see something I’ll never forget. 50+ stinky, dirty hikers had taken over the McDonald’s. With packs and trekking poles strewn across the lobby, phones charging in every outlet, and non-hikers entering with pinched noses there was barely room to walk let alone sit.